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Colombian Coffee: Tony Montana's second favorite export from the country.

Colombian coffee beans are one of the worlds most poplar arabica bean. This fan favorite is cultivated in the Colombian coffee Region or “Eje Cafetero,” also known as the Coffee Triangle (Triángulo del Café) and it is a part of the Paisa Region in rural Colombia.

This region is famous for growing and producing the majority of Colombian coffee. There are four departments that make up the area: Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda, and Tolima and they all produce some of the best tasting coffee beans in the world. 

Many South American coffee beans can share similar characteristics, mostly due to the similar climate and altitude, but depending on the brewing process you can expect a varying amounts of acidity (more apple-like with dry/tart flavor in the Guatemala region unlike a cherry-like flavor from our southern North American friends in Mexico)

Colombian coffee is commonly described as smooth, sweet that contain hints of chocolate or nuts. "Balance" is a word that often comes up when describing these coffees, and their fruit-like characteristics often play nice as a mild backdrop to the cocoa and spice flavors naturally found in this region. Ultimately, it's due to Colombia’s natural elevation, soil makeup, and abundance of sunlight thats allows this coffee bean to stand out among the rest; Because of its geographic location, South American coffee including Colombian coffee has become a household favorite in the United States and is also viewed as one of the more luxurious beans in comparison to some coffee grown in other regions. 

When asked “What coffee bean should I try?” Colombian is always my #1 suggestion. It is packed with so many natural flavors, you won’t need to add any cream or sweetener.